Everyone needs a Grandma Della

We received this great letter from one our sponsors and wanted to share it with you.  Great to hear the love that our sponsors have for the children they sponsor. … Read More


A recent story from Missionaries Carrie and Matt Love… On one of my return trips from the DR, a Dominican came up to me and said, “hey aren’t you a … Read More

A Father to the Fatherless

It wasn’t supposed to happen! A tragic car accident … his mom injured … both his dad and little brother killed. Christhian’s life was thrown into turmoil. Not only was he heartbroken and grieving … … Read More

A New Life at Nueva Vida

Texting in class? Unacceptable. Hacking a teacher’s Facebook page? Possibly illegal. But these offenses were nothing compared to what went on at Jeyco’s old school. The public school in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, was overcrowded … Read More

You saved the day

He tripped and fell — his arm twisted under him — Jhonattan sat up in shock, and horror, staring at the shattered bone of his arm protruding through the skin! … Read More

Destiny Calling for Alejandro

A WITCH DOCTOR — practicing the dark arts, making potions, casting spells. That’s the future Alejandro’s parents saw for him. They were both occult practitioners in Bolivia. They wanted to … Read More

Open doors in Panama

A THREE-HOUR WALK TO SCHOOL. That’s quite a hike for first-graders. But brother and sister Eugenio and Edilcia make that commute every weekday morning. The Latin America ChildCare school that … Read More

Thanks, Chalk Hill!

New paint, new doors and windows, electrical and plumbing fixes — the team from Chalk Hill Assembly in Texas poured out their compassion on a school in Nicaragua by fixing it up! They remodeled Escuela Nueva … Read More