Double Your Impact – Matching Challenge

More than 86,000 people live in Promorar and its surrounding suburbs. This area of Teresina, Brazil, is overcrowded and poverty-stricken. Jobs are hard to find. There are simply not enough schools to provide for the growing number of school-aged children. Consider the following: More than 23,000 children up to age 14 live in this depraved area. The city’s Department of … Read More

What your sponsorship gives to a child in need…

The Gospel. First and foremost, your sponsorship exposes a child to the Good News about Jesus christ and to the care of loving Christian adults. Every on of our schools is linked to a local church, where our students are nurtured, trained, and loved. Many Latin America ChildCare students come to Christ – and then share their faith with their … Read More

A faith that sustains — from war in El Salvador to earthquakes in Japan

By Phil Schmidt The children were terrified! Rebel forces and government soldiers clashed in the street, and their school bus was caught in the crossfire! When the smoke cleared, and the little ones dared raise up their heads from the floor where they’d cowered, they saw God had protected them: the bus was riddled with bullet holes, but not one … Read More

Praying for Mary

We just learned that the mother of Mary, one of our students in the Dominican Republic, passed away last night from a heart attack. Her health had been failing for sometime, and one of her last desires was to see her youngest daughter be sponsored so that her daughter could continue to attend one of our LACC schools after she … Read More

I Am Here

Ryan Sieh has had a heart for Latin America ChildCare for a long time now.  Growing up his family sponsored children and even went on many trips to help build LACC schools and minister in churches. Now as an adult, Ryan continues to sponsor children with Latin America ChildCare and is passing his love for LACC and missions on to his … Read More

New School Year in Guatemala!

Children are all excited to be back in school.  It is great to be out today visiting one of our Latin America ChildCare schools. The school is Liceo Evangelico Horeb. It is about 2 1/2hrs outside of Guatemala City. You can help make a difference in the life of a child today! Sponsor a child from Guatemala

Evelyn’s eyes are getting better!

Her right eye was extremely defective: it constantly rolled up into her eyelid — the left one had the same tendency, but it was her right one that required surgical correction. You may remember our request a couple of years ago for help for Evelyn. Thanks to friends like you, who provide the emergency funding of the “Extreme Poverty Fund,” … Read More

Welcome to the Walker’s

Our new LACC Country Coordinators for Guatemala, Daren & Heidi Walker, are on the ground and getting settled in. Pray that God provides all their needs and gives a smooth transition into their new place of ministry. Welcome the Walker’s to Guatemala!