Easter Devotional — February 22

Matthew 7:7-12 (click to view Scripture below) Rudy was a little boy who was getting sicker by the day. He could no longer attend his ChildHope school on the shores of the Caribbean. His mother took him to the doctor and an x-ray showed Rudy’s lungs were filled with cancer. But Rudy’s second grade class had been reading about the … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 21

Psalm 51:11-18 (click to view Scripture below) This prayer of repentance by King David records the deep realization of what is a stake when we allow God to transform our lives. David was desperate not to be banned from the presence of God and begged for a restoration of the desire to serve God fully. As you read this prayer … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 20

Isaiah 55:6-11 (click to view Scripture below) Emmanuel’s life had been tragic. His shattered world left him alone, with his mother, in a tin shack on the hills surrounding San Jose, Costa Rica. An encounter in his ChildHope school’s chapel service turned his life around. His father came by one day and Emmanuel invited him to church. His father received … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 19

Matthew 25:31-46 (click to view Scripture below) Today’s Scripture reading is part of a set of parables that Jesus offers right before His death. It is a clear parable that describes the pattern of our lives as we follow Jesus. To follow Jesus includes responding to human need. Our response is not to gain recognition that seeks to impress. We … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 18

Genesis 9:8-17 (click to view Scripture below) José was a young child who desperately wanted to attend a ChildHope school. His mom wasn’t supportive of José going to school and as registration for the new school year concluded, Jose came up to a ChildHope missionary and said he wanted to attend school. The missionary said he would need the permission … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 17

Luke 5:27-32 (click to view Scripture below) Jesus is in a time of ministry where people are simply amazed at the extraordinary things He is doing. In this passage, He is making friends with tax collectors; a group that exploits people for personal gain. The religious crowd, who gives Jesus fits, complains that Jesus is spending way too much time … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 16

Psalm 51:1-10 (click to view Scripture below) This Psalm echoes the deep repentance of a powerful leader who has been called out for his sinful ways. King David has heard the stinging rebuke of Nathan the prophet and expresses a deep and contrite spirit over the destructive actions in his life. This powerful king makes no excuses and realizes that … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 15

Luke 9:18-25 (click to view Scripture below) The question that Jesus asks his disciples is still relevant today. Ask people their opinions about who Jesus is and you will get as many answers as the people you ask. Everyone would like their version of Jesus to be exactly what they want him to be; which is inevitably self-serving. The reality … Read More

2018 Easter Devotional — February 14

Joel 2:1-2, 12-17 (click to view Scripture below) The tragedy that the prophet Joel describes could be headlines taken from our current versions of “breaking news.”  Joel’s answer to the dilemma of his day is also the answer to ours: the key is to return to God. In the middle of chaos, Joel is certain of very little other than … Read More

Give Hope to Children in Need — And Save on Taxes, Too!

Dear Friend, This year is ending — a new one will soon begin! And in this season of joyful anticipation at what lies ahead, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to share Jesus — and hope for the future — with impoverished children in need … and enjoy significant tax benefits, too. It all happens when you support our ministry together … Read More