Matching Challenge

During the Spanish colonial days, African slaves were brought to work in Chocó, Colombia — people were treated as property and forced to work in the gold, silver, and platinum mines.

Today their descendants and the indigenous Emberá people struggle for survival in a region that’s isolated from the rest of the nation and has suffered decades of violence from armed conflict and drug traffickers.

Malnutrition, lack of education, lack of hygiene and health-care services — with one hospital serving the capital, Quibdó, a city of 400,000 people … and that one hospital going bankrupt.

But the people of Rivers of Living Water Church want to make a better life for the children! They are committed to opening a ChildHope school — they have the land and the building …

And now the Hope for a Brighter Future Matching Challenge will DOUBLE every gift — up to the $30,000 goal — to get the school up and running.

Please help today — and your gift will be doubled to bring hope to some of Latin America’s neediest children!


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