ChildHope represents one of the largest integrated networks of evangelical schools in Latin America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1963, the ministry has grown to partner with over 300 schools and project affection some 100,000 children in 21 countries. It continues to touch thousands of Latin Americans with the truth of the Gospel … to equip them with the basic skills for competing in and transforming their society … and to give them the things dreams are made of: a future.

At the heart of the outreach is a sponsorship program. The $36 monthly gift helps cover the costs of the outreach. There are nearly 22,000 children sponsored in 195 schools across the region. But so many more are in need of compassionate sponsors like you to help make their dreams come true.

ChildHope helps to transform children from the inside out, top to bottom. First, we give children a future full of hope through a quality education and skills to compete in the job market. Second, they learn social skills and gain the confidence to break the chains of poverty they may have been born into. Third, our school program seeks to provide many of the children with a nourishing meal each day, preventative medical and dental attention, and to meet their most basic needs.

But the transformation doesn’t stop there! National teachers and administrators not only open these young minds, but their hearts as well by freely giving and showing Christ’s love. The children learn about the eternal hope and love of Jesus Christ. When children accept Christ at school, they go home and tell their families about it. Many times, entire families will begin attending church and come to faith in Christ!

The children we serve are not just attending classes – they are learning. For instance, in Costa Rica, nearly 100 percent of our students pass the government test for sixth grade. Graduates of the schools are working as professionals, pastors, teachers, school directors, and world missionaries. Many are now sponsoring children!
Children often enter the program with low self-esteem and a sense of social inferiority. It is our conviction that the best antidote to that delusion is a realization of a personal relationship with God.

These children learn …

    • That they are made in the image of God.
    • That God loves them.
    • That Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, demonstrated the depths of God’s compassion in His treatment of the poor and downtrodden and in His sacrificial death.
    • That the transforming power of Christ over death itself can surmount even the debilitating effects of poverty.
    • That their own lives have purpose, and their souls … an eternal hope!
Our ministry began as a grass roots movement and has remained one. Each school is closely identified with its local community, staffed and supported by local workers. Each school operates as an autonomous entity under the umbrella of a local church board or the national church’s education department. Eighty-five percent of your giving goes to the support of your child.

Yes, you are free to write as often as you like; just enclose your letters with your monthly gift. The children really enjoy receiving letters. You may receive periodic letters from your child as well.

We ask that you send a monthly gift of $36 to help to provide things like a good education, nutritious food, medical care, and the Good News of the Gospel. We also ask that your write to your child when you can.

Prayer is also a crucial part of your commitment. Your pledge to pray regularly for your sponsored child can have great eternal significance in that little one’s life!

You’re welcome, if you desire, to send an extra $20 at the child’s birthday and $20 at Christmas – our field personnel will use your gift to purchase something like a needed article of clothing and a toy or other presents the child will enjoy.

You may decide the country your child will be from, or whether you want a boy or a girl, or a particular age group … or you can leave that to us.

No. Unfortunately, customs problems in many local countries make it nearly impossible to get a package through the mail intact, so we don’t recommend that you send them.

Simply send us a card, call, email us, or you can sponsor a child through our web site: www.childhopeonline.org/sponsor.

Be the difference in a child’s life today.

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