ChildHope … Uniting churches to deliver God’s love and hope to children in Latin America and the Caribbean

Poverty and despair can crush the dreams of children throughout Latin America and the Caribbean; leaving them without hope.

But through the efforts of local churches, with the help of child sponsors and the partnership of Assemblies of God churches, ChildHope makes a lasting difference, as evidenced by our proven track record of over 60 years.

ChildHope provides transformational education to children in poverty. We work with strong local leadership in 300 schools across 20 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and we currently serve nearly 100,000 children.

ChildHope is reshaping Latin America’s next generation by the power of the Gospel! You and your church can be part of this important work in a variety of ways.

You can fund an important project or bring a team from your church to Latin America to interact with the children and families we serve.

Smiling girl coloring with markers
Sponsor a before-and-after-school program
  • The Chicas de Promesa program gives girls a safe place to go and teaches them to see themselves the way God does — as people of incredible worth and purpose.
  • Chicos: Champions for Change is raising up boys to find their identities in Christ, respecting themselves and the women around them.

Give the gift of clean water

With clean water to drink, kids miss less school and parents miss less work due to waterborne diseases. You and your team can provide water filters, help deliver them to the homes of ChildHope students, and participate in training families how to use them.

Boy having fun sliding down a playground slide

Build a playground

Our schools are often founded in conjunction with local churches and still need essentials like playgrounds! You can fund new playground equipment and even come and help install it.

Provide a library

ChildHope students learn to read at school, but many have no access to books except for their textbooks. You can provide a school library of the books kids love to get lost in … and, if you choose, deliver the books yourself.

Teacher and student at computer

Launch a science program or sponsor a computer lab

Both these projects are of utmost importance as we work toward presenting the most cutting-edge education that will help children master important skills for further education. Your church can sponsor the equipment and help install it on site, too.

Feed a school

ChildHope students attend class, on average, 180 days a year — and our feeding program can provide for one student on as little as 50¢ per day. You and your church can feed an entire school of 150 students, for a whole school year, for $18,000.

Young women praying

Be a sponsor

We try to find sponsors to provide the basics of a ChildHope education for each child. Monthly sponsorship is an extremely affordable commitment of $36 a month — just over a dollar a day. Individual members of your church can sponsor children, or your church can make a sponsorship commitment to a specific number of children or a specific school. You may be able to visit your sponsored children, too.

Child sponsorship provides:

  • A quality education in a Christian setting with a thoroughly prepared teacher
  • A safe environment where the children experience God’s love
  • Preventative medical and dental education

When needed:

  • Hot meals
  • Preventative medical and dental attention

Other projects are also available, based on your group’s calling and whether you want to make a hands-on visit or provide sponsorship or funding.

We welcome you and your church to partner with ChildHope in giving hope to Latin America and the Caribbean’s next generation!

For more information…

For more information or to find out which school might need your help, contact Mary Kathleen Mahon, ChildHope president, at [email protected].

Be the difference in a child’s life today.

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