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The Easter season in Latin America is the most widely celebrated religious observance of the year. The main focus is the final week before Easter Sunday (Domingo de Resurrección) and is called “Semana Santa” or Holy Week. Beginning on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos), this week is often a huge cultural event with religious overtones focused on the last week of Jesus’ life. These events emphasize His death and suffering and include huge processions and ornate depictions of His final week.

For all of us, the Easter season is a period of reflection on the many failings we have as human beings and our desperate need for a Savior. We are pointed to the redeeming work of Jesus to transform us completely by the defeat of death and the victory of His resurrection. Our intentional focus for this series is simply to emphasize the power of Christ’s redemptive work to provide transformation and hope! ChildHope serves thousands of children whose every day existence requires nothing less than the life changing power of the risen Lord. As you think about the personal need you have for resurrection power in your own life, we believe you will come to a greater appreciation for our core belief here at ChildHope: children need a transforming encounter with Jesus Christ which is the only source of hope for their lives and future.

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