Hope for Venezuela Matching Challenge

Your gift — DOUBLED to feed twice as many children

Right now, a severe economic crisis is crippling Venezuela —

  • Average minimum wage: $6.70 per month
  • $17 for a bag of rice — that’s 3 months of minimum wage!
  • $13 for a bag of beans
  • We have 454 children, and we’re providing 2 meals a day — for most this is the only food they get.
  • The cost goes up every month because of the rapidly increasing rate of inflation (which could reach 10,000,000% by 2020!).
  • Over 90% of the population is living below the poverty line.
  • In 2018, the average person lost 25 pounds because of lack of food.
  • Food and vitamins for the children we serve are an immediate, urgent need!

Thank God for the $30,000 Hope for Venezuela Matching Challenge that will double every dollar to provide nutritious food for the children we serve.

  • Every $1 you give will become $2 worth of food and vitamins!

Please give compassionately for Venezuela’s children today.

Funding for food and vitamins is greatly needed right now!

The Arnoldo Gabaldón school in Caracas, started by ChildHope President Mary Kathleen Mahon, gives the neediest children hope for a brighter future!


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