Recurring Monthly Sponsorship

Choose this option to set up recurring monthly payments for a child or children you already sponsor.

If you are currently making automatic payments through Assemblies of God Contributor Services, you will need to call Contributor Services directly (toll-free 877-840-4800) to cancel those payments.

Each child isĀ $36/month.

  • 1 child = $36/month
  • 2 children = $72/month
  • 3 children = $108/month
  • 4 children = $144/month
  • 5 children = $180/month
 / every month

Minimum Price: $36.00 / month

Your Sponsor ID

Child ID(s)

Enter the ID for the child for whom you wish to setup recurring payments.
If there is more then one, enter each ID on it’s own line.


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