2023 Monte Sinaí Matching Challenge

Liceo Cristiano Monte Sinaí, Mount Sinai Christian School, is an oasis of hope in a sea of hopelessness. Monte Sinaí is an impoverished urban community on the edge of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

It’s a place where

  • hunger is rampant,
  • the public schools are inadequate,
  • and domestic violence and single-parent homes are the norm.

But Monte Sinaí Christian School prepares children from PreK-5th grade for success, not only in school, but also by sharing the Good News of Jesus on a daily basis and providing them with hope for today and tomorrow.

Now we want to complete the school building, starting by adding a top floor for more classrooms (and grade 6) and a cafeteria. This will make a dramatic difference for the children in need who are being served here!

And friends have donated a $40,000 Monte Sinaí Matching Challenge fund that will DOUBLE every donation to help complete the school building!

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