2022 Hope & Freedom Matching Challenge

Quibdó, in Western Colombia, is the capital of the Chocó region — the most impoverished area in the nation … 

  • 66% of the people live below the poverty line.
  • In Quibdó, 86,000 are impoverished, and 40,000 of those live in extreme poverty — on the brink of starvation.

But the ChildHope school there is helping children thrive!

Right now the school is tiny and bursting at the seams because so many children are in such desperate need. We want to expand and build 6 new classrooms!

For a limited time the $30,000 Hope & Freedom Matching Challenge fund will match every gift donated for the Quibdó school expansion — this means your gift will be DOUBLED in impact to build the new classrooms! And the children of Quibdó will receive an education — and hope for the future!

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