SoCal Network — 2020 Thrill of Hope Christmas Campaign

You can instill the Thrill of Hope into the lives of the neediest children on earth this Christmas when you partner with ChildHope!

Christmas Gifts (+$25.00)

Each year, ChildHope sponsors bless their sponsored children with a Christmas gift. However, there are 1,000s of children in our schools who don’t have sponsors yet — they attend on emergency funds. We don’t want these boys and girls left out at Christmas. For just $25, you can provide a Christmas gift to an unsponsored child and make sure they, too, experience the Thrill of Hope this Christmas!

Water Filters (+$25.00)

A thoughtful Christmas gift isn’t the only vehicle for hope this Christmas. At ChildHope, we believe that providing clean water to families in communities where waterborne diseases are prevalent means fewer days out of school for our students, which means a more effective educational experience. Your gift of $25 can provide clean water to a ChildHope family for 10 years!

Where most needed

Indicate any dollar amount you would like designated to the fund that needs your help the most.

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