Celebrating the Day of the Child

What wouldn’t you do for the kids you love?! These brave teachers in Costa Rica donned costumes and learned some choreography to send this video to their students in celebration … Read More

Christmas for Swanny

Year after year at Christmas time, sponsors like you bless children like little Swanny.   As the child of a single mother in Colombia, Swanny would probably have no Christmas celebration this year … Read More

Hope for Alex this Christmas

Your special gift at Christmas means the world to students like Axel from Peru. He’s a happy, thankful, helpful boy — at school he’s a shining star. But if you went … Read More

Christmas will look different this year…

Smilling boy holds up toy helicopter in package with star and angel graphic elements

Our students look forward to ChildHope’s annual Christmas celebrations every year! This year will look different. We can’t have large gatherings at the schools, per COVID-19 restrictions. But we CAN … Read More

A Very Merry Christmas!

Child's drawing of manger scene with photo of Karla

You would not have thought there would be much joy in Karla’s life. Her father was murdered when she was just a baby, and her mother struggled to feed the … Read More

Emergency Food Update!

Thank you to everyone who gave a generous emergency gift in May and June to help provide food and cleaning supplies to our children and their families amidst the pandemic! … Read More

30-Years of Faithful Service

Miurel Galeano recently retired after 30 years as a ChildHope teacher, school director, and board member. When we asked why she stayed with this  work so long, her instant reply … Read More