World Prayer Day: March 6, 2020

Our parent denomination, the Assemblies of God, designates March 6 as World Prayer Day. Please pray for: A new generation called to serve the children born into poverty. ChildHope needs … Read More

Prayer Need: Honduras school completion

The ChildHope school in Colonia Villa Olímpica school in Honduras is maxed out — with more children applying for admission every week.  Thankfully we launched an expansion that will allow … Read More

Pray 2020

We live in troubled times! Many of the children we serve together live in areas of strife and unrest. So, this year, we are focusing on PRAYER. Please join us! … Read More

The blessing of the Christmas burro

A Personal Word from Mary Kathleen Mahon, Ph.D. President & Executive Director of ChildHope The Bible’s Christmas story has always been one of my favorites. I love the cast of characters … Read More