Hope in times of crisis

Ariel receiving his new chair

by ChildHope President Mary Kathleen Mahon Those who live in poverty live with great insecurity, often one crisis away from joblessness … homelessness … starvation.  For the people we serve, … Read More

Rebuild the walls!

ChildHope has been reaching children born into poverty with compassion, education, and transformation for more than 50 years. Many of our schools are at least 30 years old. Years of … Read More

Celebrating the Day of the Child

What wouldn’t you do for the kids you love?! These brave teachers in Costa Rica donned costumes and learned some choreography to send this video to their students in celebration … Read More

Christmas for Swanny

Year after year at Christmas time, sponsors like you bless children like little Swanny.   As the child of a single mother in Colombia, Swanny would probably have no Christmas celebration this year … Read More

Hope for Alex this Christmas

Your special gift at Christmas means the world to students like Axel from Peru. He’s a happy, thankful, helpful boy — at school he’s a shining star. But if you went … Read More