Joy to the World!

Across Latin America and the Caribbean, children in need are celebrating Christmas with a party, presents, food, and fun — thanks to the love and generosity of friends like you. … Read More

Celebrate the Light of the World!

A personal word from Mary Kathleen Mahon, Ph.D. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ … the Word of God that … Read More

The Christmas Party is Back!

The annual Christmas parties at ChildHope schools are a highlight of the year for the children we serve! Most schools last year couldn’t have a party due to COVID lockdowns … Read More

Hope in times of crisis

Ariel receiving his new chair

by ChildHope President Mary Kathleen Mahon Those who live in poverty live with great insecurity, often one crisis away from joblessness … homelessness … starvation.  For the people we serve, … Read More