David’s story, in his own words … Your impact over time

David posing with some of his students

My experience in my school was beautiful and blessed!

I am 27 years old and a graduate of the ChildHope school in Torre Molinos, Costa Rica.

We were a family with very limited resources, but we saw the hand of God working through the school where my brother and I received an education … and so much more.

The ChildHope school is where the Word of God was planted in my heart.

I remember when I accepted Jesus in 4th grade in my classroom. By the time I was in 5th grade, I had my “norte” or north star in my life. I had a purpose in life — to seek God and keep moving forward.

I have a calling to be a pastor, have my ministerial credentials and currently help in the church in Torre Molinos. I also serve as the Administrator in the school in Torre Molinos. I do not think this is by chance; I believe it is God’s purpose, so that the word of God can be spread to more and more children in the school.

I am very grateful to God for this school. Because it gave me the spiritual and moral support that I needed — and now it has given me a job.

I am grateful to the sponsors for all their support — both spiritual and financial — so that this school can continue raising up children with a purpose. I know that God will reward you greatly because your investment is great for the kingdom of God.

My brother and I received great blessings from the school. Each day we left school with our stomachs full. We came from a low-income family, but we saw the blessings of God in our school. 

David in first grade

David in first grade.