Small acts of love — big impact!

Sometimes it’s a small thing amid a lot of big things that triggers life-transformation. And friends like you are making it happen for children in need … the big things, and the small things, too.

Take Kiara’s story … She’s sponsored by a friend like you — which means she is receiving an excellent education, nutritious meals … and the HOPE of Christ — BIG things, every day!

She also got a pink backpack from her sponsor as a birthday gift. Small, yes.

Her sponsor’s small birthday gift made a big impact in Kiara’s heart!

But what her sponsor could not have known is that her old backpack had broken. Because there was no money for another one, Kiara was carrying her books to school in a plastic bag. And she was very embarrassed.

So when she unwrapped her pretty pink bookbag … it was a WOW moment! She, and her friends, were astounded and overjoyed.

A backpack spoke hope and encouragement into her heart. And Kiara experienced Jesus in a life-changing way!

In most of our ChildHope schools, the new academic year has just begun. There’s an air of excitement and anticipation! Our students know they are one step closer to a better future.

Education empowers a child to pull him or herself out of poverty. But an education combined with the Good News of Jesus transforms the lives of children in our schools!

The love and support from friends like you are such an encouragement to the children we serve — in big and small ways. And we pray that you, too, are blessed to be a part of our ChildHope family.