God’s Faithfulness … Expressed through YOU

I heard story after story of God’s faithfulness in our ChildHope schools during the pandemic, as I traveled throughout Latin America and the Caribbean this past year. I thank the Lord for His goodness … and yours, as well. Friends like you have empowered the work through giving and prayers.

Gladys is the school director and her husband, Mario, is the administrator of our Buen Pastor School in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They have given their whole lives and ministry to the children in their community. Their joy was contagious as they shared testimonies of God’s faithfulness during the challenges of the last couple of years. One way was a giant mango tree that produced bountiful fruit that was sold each day to help support the school.

Their commitment to the children kept the ministry afloat and inspired me!

Another way they experienced God’s faithfulness was through the sponsors:

“We have seen the faithfulness of God through each ChildHope sponsor and donor. You are God’s answer to our prayers.”— Gladys and Mario

This is how God’s faithfulness works. As each of us are faithful to God, His Word, and His prompting in our hearts, He shows His faithfulness to those in need. And that encourages frontline workers like Gladys and Mario to keep working on behalf of the children.

The children and teachers have seen God’s faithfulness expressed through you — and they can begin the new year with joy and hope!

We are so thankful for our friends whose love and support is proof of God’s faithfulness in the lives of the children we serve.

A letter from a ChildHope student named Isaiah says it all: 

“I give God thanks because in these difficult moments He is with us, and He uses marvelous people like you so that we are not lacking.”

For the children, 
Mary Kathleen Mahon, Ph.D.