ChildHope teachers: mentors, role models, friends

One key to the impact ChildHope makes in the lives of children throughout Latin America is: our teachers.

ChildHope teachers are Christian men and women with strong academic experience and something more: they feel a calling to educate the children of vulnerable communities, extend the hands of Christ to the young people they serve, and act as mentors and role models to help move students out of poverty and toward a brighter future.

Jonathan was once a ChildHope student — and grew up to become a ChildHope teacher.

English teacher Jonathan embraces this challenge because he understands how important this is, and what an impact it makes — because he was once a ChildHope student himself.

“Despite the drugs and vandalism surrounding this place (Los Cuadros, Costa Rica), there were true mentors at this learning center who really showed their vocation and love for helping the kids,” he says today.

“Numerous times I felt insecure and fearful, but by attending the chapels and hearing the Bible lessons taught by the teachers and other participants, I could see how Jesus loved me and took care of me back then.”

This assurance gave Jonathan the confidence to succeed in school and in life. It also motivated him to give back, by returning to Los Cuadros to teach children in need.

“I could see how there were still many youngsters in need of good guidance,” he says. And he knows that his work makes a difference for many of them …

“Even today I can see that many of my former students have achieved their short-term goals, and they are looking forward to being good role models in our society.”

ChildHope teachers were his role models — he became one … and now he knows his students are moving forward to become responsible adults and role models themselves. Thank you Jonathan, and all ChildHope teachers, for the difference you make!