Bringing hope when they need it most!

The young lady in the photo, Sofia (seated with her mother), has a caring sponsor, so she receives all the blessings that come with sponsorship. And she’s grateful. She and her sister live with their single mom in the northern desert of Peru, where they do their best with a limited income.

The support they receive from ChildHope and their church is instrumental for their wellbeing … but Sofia has a physical handicap, a deformity of her spine.

Doctors say surgery might help, but it’s risky, and Sofia’s mom could never pay for the operation.

Sofia is not without hope. Thanks to friends like you, Sofia received funds from the ChildHope Extreme Poverty Fund to pay for many of her daily physical therapy sessions!

If you’ve ever required physical therapy to rehab after surgery, you understand: it can be difficult, and it takes more than a few sessions.  

Sofia is willing to do the exercises and endure the discomfort of the continued therapy … because the treatments are helping!