Hope for Unsponsored Children

Our sponsors make a tremendous difference for their sponsored child(ren).

Their prayers and regular support provide a great Christian education and things like daily, nutritious food, a school uniform — and the hope of eternal life in Christ!

We are so thankful for the life-changing impact these sponsors are making.  They help lift the most vulnerable children out of poverty and toward a brighter future.

Sadly there are far more children in need than there are sponsors. We try to keep every child in school with emergency funding, even if they don’t have sponsors.

But this has become incredibly difficult with the current turbulent economy.  The astounding inflation rates across Latin America are making it very hard for us to acquire everything from food and clothes to
schoolbooks and equipment.

This will begin to impact unsponsored students first.  They’re girls and boys like Marco (below).  

He has congenital heart problems and other health issues that resulted in a deformity in his limbs and difficulty walking.  When he started attending the public school, he was viciously bullied because of these handicaps.

His grandmother, who is raising him, was overjoyed when we found a place for him in our “Good Shepherd” School.  He was immediately surrounded by teachers and staff who shared the love of Jesus with Him — and students who are also loving and accepting.

Marco has blossomed in his new school!  Despite his handicaps, he’s a charismatic boy who is eager to learn and loves attending classes.

But he doesn’t have a sponsor.

We can’t let this force Marco out of school — and back into the hopelessness he was living in before!

You can help keep unsponsored children like Marco in school and provide for increased expenses through the Unsponsored Children’s Fund.

And if the Lord is moving you to sponsor a child for the first time or to sponsor an additional child … that would be a wonderful blessing!

For the children,

Mary Kathleen Mahon, Ph.D.
ChildHope President