A Legacy of Hope for Children in Need

Perhaps you’ve never considered your legacy — what you will leave behind when Christ calls you home. 

Your family and assets make up a part of that legacy — as does your ministry through ChildHope. 

You are passionate to share Jesus, provide an education, and break the cycle of generational poverty for your sponsored child and other children across Latin America and the Caribbean. We are, too. 

Because we share this passion, I invite you to consider making ChildHope an ongoing part of your legacy (in fact, part of your final testimony) by placing this ministry in your will, trust, or estate plan through a bequest. 

You can receive various tax benefits that will help you and your family — plus the peace of mind that your wishes will be honored, your priorities to provide for your loved ones will be met, and your desire to bring hope to children in need will be carried out.

Meanwhile, you’ll become a part of the ongoing ChildHope legacy as we continue to provide hope and a bright future to children born in poverty!

For more information on estate planning and legacy giving, please contact Regina Rogers at [email protected] today.