Let your light shine!

“The people living in darkness have seen a great light” (Isaiah 9:2)

I thank God for you, our sponsors and faithful supporters, as we enter a brand-new year of life-transforming ministry together. You are shining a light into the darkness of poverty and despair. You are changing children’s lives with the good news of Jesus. And you are blessing them with the gift of an education that will truly transform their futures! 

Your impact is being felt in 300 schools across 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. May God flood 2022 with the light of His grace — shining on you as you shine His light on the children.

Your light is shining in Guatemala…

Siblings Ana and José (pictured above) attend our Colegio Cristiano Berea School in Guatemala. 

Their dad is a farmer, and their mother is a homemaker. The family lives together in a very poor and under-resourced community. José is blessed to have a sponsor like you — his sister, Ana, is still waiting for a sponsor so she can continue to attend school.

At one point, Ana told her teachers she wanted to be a doctor, and José said he wanted to be a professional athlete, but recently, BOTH siblings have decided they want to be missionaries!

José shares, “When I grow up, I want to be a missionary so that other children can know our powerful God.”  

“I want to be a missionary and take the Word of God to other places,” Ana says, “and especially to the children that don’t know God.”

Your light is shining in Dominican Republic…

Maria lives in a house much like this. 

Maria is a special needs student with severe learning disabilities — her mother tragically passed away from cancer a few years ago. Maria lived with her father until recently when he passed away too. 

Maria now lives with her older sister … in extreme poverty. 

A faithful sponsor makes it possible for Maria to attend our ChildHope school in her community and learn about Jesus.

And friends like you are helping Maria and her sister even further through the Extreme Poverty Fund! 

Maria wants to rise above her severe disabilities and the difficulties in her life to be a doctor one day so she can help others like her in the community. By God’s power — and with you by her side — we know that Maria has a beautiful future in Christ!