A Basket of Hope … Filled with food, given with love, to bless families in need this Christmas!

two brothers posing with a table full of food stables

A hardworking dad has a daughter named Esther who attends one of the ChildHope schools in Guatemala. His livelihood depends on his mechanic work of painting and body work on cars, but because of COVID-19, he does not have work right now. He and his wife have four children. He was so excited to receive a basket of food to help him feed his family and gives thanks to God for this tremendous blessing! 

Angel attends the Liceo Capernaum ChildHope school. His family has just welcomed a brand-new baby. They live about an hour from Guatemala City in an extremely poor community. Angel’s father is a pastor. The family relies on church offerings to survive … but the church is closed due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 — and much of the congregation is out of work. As a result, Angel’s family is suffering. When Angel’s father received the food, he said: “This is a gift from God, and it came at the time we needed it most.” 

Today, your generosity will go TWICE as far to feed more hungry children and families through our 2021 Christmas Matching Challenge!