The Christmas Party is Back!

The annual Christmas parties at ChildHope schools are a highlight of the year for the children we serve! Most schools last year couldn’t have a party due to COVID lockdowns … and this year the students are thrilled the party is making a comeback!

Children like José (right) are especially excited — as a small child he had seen his older brother and sister attend the party for several years — and finally in 2019, he was in first grade, and it was his turn to join them …

“I was the first one to get ready so I could be there. I liked it a lot because on the tables were colorful cakes, soda, candy, and a delicious lunch. Thank you for making me a happy boy.”

These “gran fiestas” include songs, games, special food, and a Christmas gift …

This is why the children look forward to our annual Christmas celebration every year! Last year they were thankful for the gifts purchased by generous friends — delivered to their homes by their teachers — but they missed having a party. 

This year they’re excited for the return of the Christmas party, especially because at each celebration the Christmas story is shared and God’s love is felt.

Our faithful supporters make it possible!

If you already sponsor a child through ChildHope, the extra gift of $20 you give each year supports this very special celebration.

Whether you sponsor a child or not, you can help us share Christmas joy with children in our schools who don’t yet have sponsors!