New school year — new hope for the children we serve

3 little girls eating lunch

The start of a new, in-person school year has spirits high, and children, teachers, and families thankful! 

Teacher Janixia Zelaya in Nicaragua says …

“When we become aware of all God’s wonders, we are grateful to Him that in 2021 we are able to return to our classrooms to be with our beloved students. We feel fortunate and rejoice in the Holy Spirit that our heavenly Father has watched over our lives.”

A mom of students at Janixia’s school, Lirio de los Valles, says …

“God bless you in 2021. My children are once again enrolled in the Lirio de los Valles school. I feel blessed to know they are in the hands of God and that our Lord will keep them from this virus that accosts us.”

And a student at Lirio de los Valles school, Edison, says …

I am thankful to God for the 2021 school year and for His mercies. I am happy to be able to see my classmates, my teachers, and all the school personnel. We are following all the requirements so as to avoid COVID-19.”

Another student, Darwing, adds, in a note to his sponsors:

“I am grateful for you sponsoring me because we are very poor. My parents do not have jobs due to the situation with this virus. God has heard my prayers that I will become sponsored …  I am very grateful for that. May the Lord bless you and keep you. I am very grateful for your help and the basket of food that you are giving me.”

And other children are thrilled, too — they’re grateful they were able to continue their education, even during the pandemic, through online learning. Here’s what some of our students have to say about their teachers during distance learning …

“She teaches me to read and learn new things. She also teaches me to pray before we begin class.”

“I love my teacher because she tolerates my poor conduct and does not get annoyed.”

“She is intelligent, loving, kind, and very patient.”

“If we don’t understand she explains it to us again. She also has a pleasant voice.”

I want to thank her for her passion to teach from the soul.”

We’re thankful for teachers who helped keep students moving forward during the pandemic, and who will be there to greet them when they return to in-person classes, just as soon as they can.