Hope in times of crisis

Ariel receiving his new chair

by ChildHope President Mary Kathleen Mahon

Those who live in poverty live with great insecurity, often one crisis away from joblessness … homelessness … starvation. 

For the people we serve, there is no extra money to build a family emergency fund.  No “nest egg.”  No savings for a rainy day. There are no government-provided stimulus checks for families when COVID-19 devastates the economy.  No extra unemployment benefits for the millions forced out of work.

They know what it is like to go hungry.  To live without.  To have even their most basic needs go unmet.

I think of Ariel and his family … 

He was born healthy — but a series of seizures and high fevers, combined with a lack of adequate health care, caused brain damage and then paralysis in his arms and legs.

Ariel is in middle school at one of our ChildHope schools in El Salvador.  Thanks to a loving family in the U.S., Ariel is a sponsored student.  Loving teachers work with him one-on-one, helping him succeed academically — making him feel accepted and treasured! 

So when Ariel outgrew his wheelchair and the family could not afford a new one … they knew just where to turn.   

And we were able to help!  Using our Extreme Poverty Fund, we purchased a larger wheelchair for Ariel … and renewed hope for this family in need.   

Thank you again for being the family of God for children in need in Latin America and the Caribbean!