Soaring to new heights! The Wings of Freedom Matching Challenge

The children of San Isidro … in the Dominican Republic … are waiting for a friend like you — 

Their community is well known for its military presence … the location of the Dominican Republic Air Base. There are many families and children living here — in incredible poverty.

The area is well known for other reasons, too: the suicide rate is tragically high. Alcohol and drug abuse is rampant. Most children are from single parent homes … or live with relatives.

But in the middle of darkness comes HOPE!

Our “Wings of Freedom” Matching Challenge will help these children soar above their circumstances through a quality Christian education. 

Currently, our 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes ChildHope school is reaching out to more than 500 children in grades K-8 with the love of Christ and a great education. We began this school in a temporary location, a small rental home, to respond to the needs of the community, but it is bursting at the seams! The building is terribly overcrowded.

This is why we are excited about a great opportunity in the Alas de la Libertad community of San Isidro — the “Wings of Freedom” neighborhood — where we have purchased land to build and expand!

  • The new location has 1300 square meters. 
  • It is on a corner of an underdeveloped but rapidly growing community within San Isidro … beautifully situated to be a key location in the future!
  • Our plans for the space include a 2-floor school with 18 classrooms, a kitchen, dining area, library space, offices, and space for recreation. 
  • The new building will safely and comfortably hold 600 students … with opportunities to expand to 900 students as the Lord provides.It is an incredible answer to prayer!

In the wonderful words of Francia Hernandez, our former Dominican Republic national director, “Dios es real!” — translated: God is real!

Your support of our $90,000 Wings of Freedom Matching Challenge will help us begin this much-needed expansion, for the sake of San Isidro’s youth.  

Your gift will be DOUBLED in impact …

The children of San Isidro will receive an education — and hope
for the future

Together, we will watch them SOAR!