Hope for Alex this Christmas

Your special gift at Christmas means the world to students like Axel from Peru. He’s a happy, thankful, helpful boy — at school he’s a
shining star.

But if you went home with him after school, you’d be shocked to see his house. It has only one wall … the other three are plastic tarp.

The wooden floor is perched atop stilts so the house is raised above the flood plain where the Amazon river sometimes rises up — without the stilts, the shack would be washed away.

The only furniture is the bed his mother and sister sleep in.  Axel and his brother sleep on the floor.

The family struggles just to survive.  Axel’s parents are thankful he can get at least one meal at school … otherwise he might go hungry.

Axel has a sponsor, like you, helping him get a great education and learn about the love of Jesus —  

And because of his ChildHope sponsor, he will get a Christmas gift, and a wonderful Christmas meal, at home (thanks to Covid) this year!

However, many children in our schools don’t have sponsors. They are able to attend because of emergency funds. That means there is no sponsor to send them a gift this Christmas. Would you consider an extra gift this year to provide a special gift and meal for the neediest of our families this Christmas? Click the button below.