How can we say thanks?

By ChildHope President Mary Kathleen Mahon

So many times over the last months I have thanked God for you, your love expressed monthly to your sponsored child, your prayers, your faithfulness, and your generosity in this time of crisis…Today I want
to thank you directly.

I have been receiving so many letters, messages, and videos from our ChildHope students, families, teachers, and pastors. They are so very grateful that God has provided food for them in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. They are all so aware that this provision and blessing comes from sponsors likes you!

They say things like …

“I’ve never met the people who send the help — but I pray for them from my heart …”
“Thank you for remembering us, for taking notice of us …”
“Thank you for being the channel God has used to bless us …”

They’re people like Lejia, a widow and mother of seven from the Wayuü community, an indigenous community in the Guajira region of Colombia. She said receiving the food from ChildHope was a tangible sign to her that God was looking out for her and her family. 

On behalf all the children and families that we have been able to help during this crisis, I would like to say Muchas Gracias. Thank you for providing tangible expressions of God’s love and helping to inspire smiles of hope on the faces of children and families at this difficult time. 

God’s Word tells us “The generous will themselves be blessed for they share their food with the poor” (Proverbs 22:9). I know that God will richly bless you for your Spirit-inspired generosity. Thank you!

Words of thanks from our students to their sponsors … to people like you

“You can’t imagine how every word in your letters have encouraged me. I am very happy to have had some marvelous sponsors as you. I thank God for giving me one more day of life to share with all my family whom I love and value greatly because they are the best gift our Father has given me. I always pray for the lives of those I love and for you. I carry you in my heart. God bless you.”

Kenny, Ecuador Costa, 12th grade

“First of all, I am so thankful with God for His commandments, His blessings and you. Indeed, I have no idea what might have been of me without you. In my prayers, I ask God to bless and keep us away from evil. I know Jesus always blesses us with His heart. We will serve Him and all of us together will feel happy in the new life enjoying His presence. With love. God bless you.”

Jared, El Salvador, 11th grade

“Thanks for the letters you send me and I’m so excited that you still remember me. I have a bag where I keep all the letters you sent from the beginning. There are so many. Every time I see them, I remember you. Thank you for the letters. God bless you.”

Dionaiker, Ecuador Sierra, 6th grade

[From the August 2020 issue of ChildHope’s Celebrate Hope publication.]