UPDATE: Clean Water Project, Dominican Republic

Haniel was in crisis … His father was killed before his very eyes.

We walked through this tragedy with him and his widowed mom. The local church, and of course his friends and teachers at his ChildHope school, prayed with Haniel and helped him move forward.

But there were practical needs as well. The family plunged into economic crisis without their breadwinner — Haniel’s mom went to the streets each day, selling mangoes and whatever else she could find, to provide for them … and then the pandemic hit. She couldn’t leave the house to work, and they were rapidly running out of food and drinking water.

(Most poor families in the Dominican Republic don’t have access to clean water — the purchase of water for cooking and drinking makes up a big part of a family’s budget!)

Thankfully, with your help, we were able to provide a water filter for Haniel’s family.

His mother called us, in tears, to say:

“I had no idea such a thing even existed! I’m overwhelmed to think how this will change our lives. Thank you!”

Thank you for helping to give Haniel and his mother the gift of clean, safe water to drink — and for helping us continue to provide clean water for many more families in the DR. Your prayers and support make a life-changing impact. 

Give Clean Water

UPDATE: We’ve been distributing water filters to the families of the children we serve in the Dominican Republic for 3 years now, and the filters continue to function remarkably well! This is truly a gift that keeps on giving life and health. Thank you! To find out more about ChildHope’s water projects, visit childhopeonline.org/projects.

[From the August 2020 issue of ChildHope’s Celebrate Hope publication.]