Christmas Miracles for ChildHope Kids in Bolivia and Haiti

A few weeks ago, we sent an email informing our audience of the political crisis in Bolivia. Riots over the results of a recent election threatened the safety of our missionaries, school staff and students. Classes, and consequently, Christmas parties, were canceled for the rest of the school year. (In Bolivia classes start in February and end in November.)

In that email, we asked our supporters to pray. And the crisis drove the Bolivian people to pray.

We are happy to report that God has answered those prayers! Bolivia is now peacefully awaiting new elections with an interim president at the helm. ChildHope schools were able to reopen and have their Christmas parties! There are also reports of miraculous interventions for safety and atheists believing in God because of all that has happened.

Bolivian children aren’t the only ones receiving a miracle this Christmas! The Caribbean country of Haiti has been in dire need of peace for more than a year. Missionaries have been forced to leave. The population is hurting and in desperate need. Due to your generosity in supporting the Extreme Poverty Fund, ChildHope will deliver more than an annual Christmas gift to students in Haiti this year. Each family will also receive a gift of food to see them through the holiday season.

Thank you for your generosity and prayers! Please, continue to pray for protection in these countries (as well as in Venezuela and Nicaragua) and that God would continue to soften hard hearts across Latin America and the Caribbean.