Your compassion made double impact to help feed children in Venezuela

Thank you to everyone who prayed and gave toward our matching challenge for Venezuela.

The economic chaos there has made it increasingly difficult to feed the children in our program — but your gifts of love were matched dollar for dollar by the challenge to make sure our students don’t go hungry.

You’re blessing children like the 212 students of the Arnoldo Gabaldón School in Caracas.

While most of these children are getting little to no food at home, because of your generosity, they’re able to get breakfast and lunch at school … It’s keeping them healthy, and this helps them succeed in school, too.

“I love seeing the children eat with such gusto!” says the pastor of Fountain of Life Church, which oversees the school.

“One mother sought me out just to say thank you and praise God, because she was terrified her children might starve because there’s just no food at home. She’s so grateful they get two meals at school.”

And this story is being repeated throughout our schools in Venezuela. Please pray that God continues to provide, so no child goes hungry.      

[From the December 2019 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]