Thank you for the life-changing difference you make!

I love to visit our ChildHope schools. It is such an uplifting experience. In the classrooms I see young scholars whose minds are being challenged.

At recess I hear the sounds of laughter that represent the joy and happiness that every child deserves. In Chapel I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and watch as young lives are touched by our Heavenly Father.

And all of this takes place because of your faithful sponsorship! Thank you!!!

Yet most of the communities in which our schools are located tell a very different story from what you see in our schools. Pain and desperation lead people to fall into the trap of sin and evil — and there our enemy roams.

For this reason, your sponsored child desperately needs your prayers … We at ChildHope, with the help of your sponsorship, are working hard on your child’s behalf to provide all they need for a life transformed by the power of God …

But our enemy is prowling in those communities trying to destroy these young lives. It is a spiritual battle and your child needs your prayers to gain victory.

I am so grateful for your faithful support of your child. But today may I challenge you to do something — if you don’t already do so?

Would you pray daily for your sponsored child? Pray for protection, pray for peace in their homes, and pray that God provides all that their family needs. Mostly pray that your sponsored child and his or her family is protected from the schemes of our enemy and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Thank you again — for your faithfulness and for your prayers! You are making a wonderful difference in the life of your sponsored child. God bless you for it.

[From the September 2019 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]