Tough times won’t keep him down

Juan Diego has had 3 surgeries on his legs — and although he is still confined to a wheelchair, he has faith that one day soon he will be able to walk.

In the meantime, his family and his friends and teachers at his ChildHope school in Colombia help to keep his spirits high.

Without ChildHope, it’s doubtful whether Juan Diego would be able to go to school at all. His father is his full-time care-giver, and his mother works over-time to provide for the family … but she makes very little, and with Juan Diego’s ongoing medical expenses, there’s no money left over for things like school uniforms and supplies.

This is why his parents are so thankful for ChildHope and the education Juan Diego receives because of the dedication and love of his sponsor.

Juan Diego is thankful, too. He knows at school he has the loving support of classmates who care about him and pray for him — and teachers who are giving him a great education as a foundation for a brighter future.

We’re grateful for Juan Diego’s sponsor — and for every sponsor who brings hope and the love of God to the children we serve. You cannot imagine the depth and far-reaching impact of your prayers and generosity.

[From the September 2019 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]