The difference an education makes

The ministry of ChildHope gives hope to children born into poverty — hope for eternity through faith in Jesus Christ, and also hope in this world through a quality Christian education.

Through ChildHope schools, children born into poor communities are given a quality Christian education that can help them pull themselves out of poverty. Education is central to breaking the cycle and is key to transformation.

First, children in our schools are taught that they are created in God’s image and likeness with a purpose. This is transformational for children born into communities of poverty where they grow up feeling that they are worthless! The knowledge that they have great value in God’s eyes is the foundation upon which they can build their lives.

Children also learn to dream big. I’m privileged to know former students who are doctors and teachers and pastors and missionaries. They all tell the story that when they were in school, they were taught they could do anything through Christ. This truth motivated them and strengthened them. It wasn’t easy, but they reached their goals, and God is using them to bless others.

Finally, the education provided in our ChildHope schools provides the children with the tools they need to have success in this world. And our teachers — who are the true heroes in this ministry — go the extra mile. Not only teaching reading, writing, math, and other school subjects, but also life skill that will help them live in society.

And all of this learning takes place in an atmosphere of Christian love. No wonder the lives of these children are transformed!

[From the June 2019 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]