Jesus Transforms Lives … and Futures!

Coraima is a former student at our ChildHope school in Venezuela. She found herself in a desperate situation one afternoon after school.

Mom was not home. Dad and some of his friends were drinking. Coraima soon realized that the men wanted to hurt her and her little sister. She was filled with fear, knowing what they might do to her. It happened to so many girls in her community. She began to pray.

Coraima had been taught about the power of prayer at school — and about the love of Jesus, who will “never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6). God answered the little girl’s fervent prayer and protected Coraima and her sister from the men!

Coraima told her teacher at school what had happened. The school intervened. They shared the love of Jesus with Coraima’s parents. The whole family was transformed by the gospel of Christ!

[From the April 2019 issue of ChildHope’s Celebrate Hope publication.]