Streams of Living Water

“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation” (Isaiah 12:3)

Matthew 25:35 tells us, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” With this in mind, we have launched a pilot Water Project in the Dominican Republic (D.R.) to give a drink in His name to thirsty children and their families.

The water project in the D.R. is twofold … and meeting an urgent need: providing purified water for ChildHope schools and area homes.

Clean Water for Thirsty Children

Most schools in the D.R. do not have a water treatment facility of any kind. They also cannot afford to buy or provide sufficient water for their students.

In fact, at most schools, there is either no water provided at school — or the water is rationed, so that every child gets one cup of water during the day. Obviously, neither of these options are a good solution for a child who is playing in the heat of the D.R. sun … and then trying to sit in class and learn while desperately thirsty.

We want to remedy the dire situation by providing clean drinking water for our students.

    • We have begun purchasing 10-inch Sawyer water filters and connecting them to a 2-head water fountain. 


    • The water is pumped in from the street and purified by the system.


  • The Sawyer filter can clean up to 50,000 gallons of water per day, so all of the children in the school (and even adjacent churches!) have unlimited access to safe, free, drinking water.

By the time you receive this mailing, we will have equipped seven schools with the new water filter system. As friends like you stand with us, we will continue meeting this most basic need at 16 ChildHope sponsored schools in the D.R.

In places where water is a precious commodity, these water filters are bringing health and hope!

Clean Water at Home

As part of our ongoing ministry, we are putting a bucket filter system in the homes of the sponsored children, teachers and families in the surrounding community. This impact is incredible!

    • Financially, these impoverished families cannot afford to purchase clean water week after week for cooking and drinking.


    • Bouts with diarrhea and severe stomach pain cause missed school days and missed work days … simply because of bad water.


  • At the same time, Light for the Lost helped us purchase a Gospel of John and a salvation tract for every single filter — so the Word is going out as well!

By God’s grace, we have distributed a water filter to all of the students’ families at our D.R. schools! This outreach is already impacting many lives:

    • A mom was buying water to bathe her baby … a huge strain on her family’s meager budget. Now she doesn’t have to buy the water because she can use the filter!


    • A family that lived next to the city dump was retrieving water from a nearby well. The trash and the flies all around the well contaminated the water. The filter has been a great blessing to their family.


  • The local pastors are excited because they can give the filtered water as an outreach in their community … showing the love of God by meeting physical needs.

Please pray for this continued outreach in the D.R. Clean water will quench thirst and open hearts to the Living Water, Jesus Christ!  

Families in this impoverished community have no indoor plumbing and would gather rain in buckets for drinking and cooking. Now, they are using the water filters to safely quench their thirst!

[From the March 2019 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]