Help Sponsor a Child

Encourage a friend to visit this website to learn how he or she can make a difference for these unsponsored children.

Benjamin, Ecuador Sierra

Benjamin (1st grade, right) and his sister live with their single mother. Benjamin likes music and playing with his friends. His favorite color is blue, and he wants to be a professional sports player when he grows up. A sponsor like you will help Benjamin continue dreaming big dreams!

Esther, Mexico

Esther (3rd grade, left) and her siblings live with both their mom and dad. Esther’s teachers say she is an intelligent girl who has excellent conduct in school. Esther likes Physical Education class and playing with dolls. Her favorite color is red, and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Please encourage this little girl to keep working hard by becoming her sponsor today!

[From the March 2019 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]