A big hug from a sponsored child — and his whole family!

You make a big difference as a ChildHope sponsor, giving a needy child a great foundation for the future by introducing them to Jesus and giving them a great education.

Steve and Debbie Turley have been making this kind of impact for 15 years — and they recently got to meet the child they’re sponsoring now: Danilo in Ecuador (pictured above).

“Being able to correspond with Danilo [through ChildHope], we already knew a little about his town, his family and school,” Debbie says. “Visiting him in person just enhanced everything we knew from the letters.”

Danilo was thrilled to meet his sponsors and give them big smiles and a big hug. His mother and siblings made the Turleys feel welcome as well.

“We got to take a tour of the city where he lives, we got to have a meal with his entire family, and we got to hear and see in person how much he loves going to his ChildHope school!” says Steve. “It has been eye opening to see first-hand how this relatively small sacrifice on our part makes such a huge difference for Danilo and his whole family.”

Debbie says the thing that impacted her the most was looking into the eyes of Danilo’s mother and seeing there a deep gratitude for ChildHope — and Danilo’s sponsors.

“As parents ourselves, we could see this enormous amount of relief in the eyes of a grateful mother. She knows that her kids are being taught at school what she tries to teach them at home. The important things like Jesus loves them and how valuable they are to Him.”

The Turleys already knew the value of sponsorship, but meeting Danilo brought new meaning to the impact they make. “It truly is one of the greatest returns on investment you will find anywhere. It is wonderfully humbling to know the difference you can make to the future of a child and the hope you bring to his or her family by sponsoring through ChildHope.”

If you would like to meet your sponsored child while you’re on a trip to Latin America or the Caribbean, please let us know! We will help you connect with your sponsored child, their family, and their school.

Seeing firsthand the impact you’re making is amazing.


Steve and Debbie Turley (right) got to meet their sponsored child, Danilo, and his family in Ecuador.

[From the December 2018 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]