“This is the place where I learned about God.” Maria’s Testimony … your impact!

Maria will soon graduate from our school in Ecuador Costa. Her family was transformed by the opportunity to attend a ChildHope school!

María is a senior in Ecuador Costa. She lives with her mom and sister. Her father and mother separated when she was 5 years old. This is her testimony:

I came to this school full of excitement. It is a big school. This is the place where I learned about God. I didn’t know Him until I came here.

My mother also came to know Jesus because I was able to come to this school. She was baptized and now, she volunteers in our church.

Everything has changed at home. We have lots of peace. God is the leader of our house. The school and the church have influenced my family in wonderful ways.

I am almost ready to graduate and leave the school that helped me get an education and find Jesus. I am very happy to belong to this school.

This is the impact of your giving! Children, like Maria, are given the opportunity to learn and grow … and get to know the Savior. Thank you for reaching out with care and concern for children in need.    

[From the December 2018 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]