Your Generosity Changed His Life!

Beimar is on the mend, thanks to praying and giving friends like you … and the Extreme Poverty Fund!

Without the Extreme Poverty Fund, Beimar would be permanently crippled.

He’s a student at one of our ChildHope schools. Beimar comes from a desperately poor family. His father abandoned his mother and brothers. But his life will forever be altered by the way you intervened in a desperate situation …

Beimar’s leg was broken when he was playing in a championship soccer game. The break was so severe, it required extensive surgery. The fractured bone had to be screwed back together with titanium. This was not a procedure Beimar’s mother could afford.

And this is where you came in! Our Extreme Poverty Fund, provided by faithful friends like you, covered the cost of Beimar’s surgery and care. Today, he is on the mend, and hopes to be a doctor someday.

[From the December 2018 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]