Sponsor one more!

3,055 children are without sponsors in Latin America and the Caribbean. These children need your help! As you are able, will you consider adding an additional child to your sponsorship commitment, or encourage a friend who loves children like you do to sponsor a child?

Remember, it’s more than an education. It’s more than food. You are giving a child in need HOPE for the future … and an opportunity to know the Author of TRUTH and HOPE, Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your sponsorship … and for prayerfully considering ONE more!

Could you also encourage a friend to visit our website at childhopeonline.org to learn how he or she can make a difference for these unsponsored children.


Saruhen (3rd grade, Belize) loves technology! He enjoys working on the computer at school. If you ask him about the future, though, he’s pretty sure he wants to be a doctor. A sponsor like you will help make his dreams come true!

Angel (4th grade, Honduras) wants to help people when he grows up as a police officer. He and his brothers live with their single mother. He likes running and art class. A caring sponsor like you would mean so much to this little guy who is trying so hard to rise above his circumstances.

Maria (4th grade, Colombia) and her four siblings live with both their mom and dad. She likes to play with dolls and her favorite class is language arts. Maria’s favorite color is red and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Help Maria’s dreams come true.

Diana (4th grade, Panama) is a typical little girl. She loves the color pink and playing with dolls. Art class is her favorite! However, Diana lives in extreme poverty. Your sponsorship will make such a difference in her life.

Kevin (3rd grade, Paraguay) is an only child, living with his mom and dad in poverty. He’s blessed to attend a ChildHope-sponsored school. Now he just needs YOU! Thank you for giving him hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Ferlens (3rd grade, Haiti) and his brother and sisters live with their single mom. He likes to play with toy cars. PE class is his favorite. Ferlens wants to share the Good News of Jesus, just like he has heard, when he grows up. He wants to be a Pastor. What a wonderful calling you’ll support as a sponsor.

Estrella (3rd grade, Peru) is an only child and lives with her grandparents. She likes to jump rope. Estrella’s favorite color is pink and she wants to be a police officer when she grows up. Give Estrella hope for the future through sponsorship.

Ruby (4th grade, Bolivia) loves the color red and her favorite part of the day is going to art class. She has one brother and lives with her mom and dad. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Thank you for helping us make life easier for Ruby.

[From the August 2018 issue of ChildHope’s Hope Notes publication.]