2018 Easter Devotional — March 20

Psalm 102:15-22 (click to view Scripture below)

“He regards the prayer of the destitute and does not despise their prayer.” (Psalm 102:17)

The psalmist describes God’s people, carried away into exile to a foreign land, as destitute prisoners. They loved and desperately missed their city (vs. 14) and God knew it (vs. 13)! They lacked the basic necessities in life and could do nothing about it, except cry out to God. He heard them and sent this message of hope: I will rebuild Jerusalem (v.16).

Life in Latin America is not easy. The chains of poverty continue to enslave millions, children destined to follow the same failed footsteps of their parents. But God hears their cry! There is hope! A growing network of ChildHope schools is helping children and their families to not only meet essential needs, but to give them life-changing education and transformation.

Rod Boyd
Regional Coordinator, Central America
Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you that you listen to the cries of destitute children and their families. Thank you for loving sponsors who are also listening and are helping you to change and transform their lives.

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Psalm 102:15-22 (ESV)

15 Nations will fear the name of the Lord,
    and all the kings of the earth will fear your glory.
16 For the Lord builds up Zion;
    he appears in his glory;
17 he regards the prayer of the destitute
    and does not despise their prayer.

18 Let this be recorded for a generation to come,
    so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord:
19 that he looked down from his holy height;
    from heaven the Lord looked at the earth,
20 to hear the groans of the prisoners,
    to set free those who were doomed to die,
21 that they may declare in Zion the name of the Lord,
    and in Jerusalem his praise,
22 when peoples gather together,
    and kingdoms, to worship the Lord.

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