2018 Easter Focus

This Easter season ChildHope has provided daily devotional emails for anyone who subscribes. As subscribers have been reflecting daily on their personal need for Christ’s resurrection power, we hope this devotional series has helped them come to a greater appreciation of our core belief here at ChildHope:

Children need a transforming encounter with Jesus. He is their greatest source of hope, and, in Him, their eternal futures are secure!

If you didn’t subscribe to our Easter Reflections devotional series, you can view those devotionals here. You can still sign up for the last few devotionals here.

Begin your reflections by reading this Easter-themed poem written by ChildHope Sponsor Darlene Herndon:

Cross of Suffering, Cross of Shame
For my sins you took my blame.
Sinless Lamb so pure divine,
Your blood was shed for all mankind.

You conquered sin, death, hell, the grave;
That we might live, our souls to save.
The battle’s done, the victory’s won,
O death where is thy sting?
For Christ has risen in glorious power;
New life, new hope He brings.

Come follow the footsteps of my Lord,
For He gently leads the way;
He only asks that I take up my cross,
His voice I will always obey.

How can I do less when He gave His all,
My Savior, Shepherd and Guide;
He knows the way, I have nothing to fear.
Forever I’ll stay by His side.

Soon we shall lay our burdens down,
Trading our cross for a heavenly crown;
All will be joy in heaven above,
And we shall forever abide in His love.

[From the March 2018 issue of the Compañeros newsletter.]