You gave him hope and a future!

alan_hopeIn his impoverished neighborhood of Nicaragua, Alan had no hope for the future.

He had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and could barely hobble on his own — if not for the constant help and support of his brother, Angel Aaron, he would not even have been able to get downstairs to leave their house.

They lived with their parents and grandparents, who had no money for special education or therapy for Alan. The local public schools could offer him no support….

But then you stepped in. The brothers would soon be visited by an intern working with our missionaries in Nicaragua. She was going to take their photos and record their information so we could find sponsors for them.

“I didn’t know that Alan was ill, but I noticed that he wasn’t as active as his older brother, and that his grandmother kept him very close to her,” she recalls. “She even had to help him climb up into her lap.”

Once the intern heard Alan’s story and realized how disabled he truly was, her heart was moved. “I wrapped my arms around him, and we prayed a prayer of healing over his body,” she says.

“After our prayer, I watched as his older brother helped him down the stairs so we could take their pictures for the sponsorship application. We were so blessed to experience the Lord in the meekness of this little boy, who eagerly gave us his hands to pray for healing — and in the tender relationship with his older brother.”

Thank you for your prayers and generosity to support Latin America ChildCare — because of friends like you, today, under the sponsorship of Evangel Assembly of God in Hanover Park, Illinois, Alan can go to school! He is learning about the love of Jesus, and receiving a wonderful education for the future!