A prayer request from a sponsored child like yours …

She was about to graduate from her Latin America ChildCare school.

Because of her good grades, she had already secured a place to study at the National Institute, a good university in her home nation of El Salvador. Only one thing remained for her to do … She wanted to thank her sponsors, and make a special request of them.

So Jeili Liliana, former Latin America ChildCare student, wrote to her sponsors, the Eyre family of Cross Junction, VA.

“Let me thank you for all the help you gave me in these last few years. I am always praying for you, that God will protect you and bless you spiritually. You can be assured that I go to church and never forget to pray for your health and for your son and daughter.

“Dear sponsors, I want to ask you for a favor — that you will always pray for the Latin America ChildCare Santiago Nonualco School. There are many children and young people learning the Word of God there. That’s like a nursery, planted for the future.”

Jeili understands the power of the school she graduated from — the opportunities it brings, not only for food, clothing, and an education … but the way it shapes young people to follow the Lord Jesus and live for Him, from a very young age.

Please remember to pray for your sponsored child’s school. The spiritual distinctives of an LACC education make all the difference!