Saved…No Doubt!

Francisco-JavierFrancisco’s life changed forever the day his older brother was hit by a car and killed in Paraguay. His parents were broken and angry. His father blamed his mother for the death … and drank often to hide his own pain. Fighting and violence overtook Francisco’s home, until, finally, his father left.

In the years to follow, Francisco’s mother worked a job that took her out of the house early in the morning until late at night. Francisco was always alone. And hungry.

Eventually, his mother took a job in Spain. Francisco, just a young teenager, was left to fend for himself. Homeless, he slept on the couches of friends. Eventually, the friend of a friend took him in and enrolled him in our LACC school, Natanael.

At first, Francisco didn’t like the chapel services, and he would argue with his classmates and teachers. But slowly, the Word penetrated his heart. He began to attend church. God turned Francisco’s sad life around!

Francisco gave his life to Jesus … and forgave his parents. He knows he is saved, without a doubt! He graduated from Natanael in December 2013 and hopes to share Jesus with his mom and dad. He no longer lives with the pain of his past. Francisco found freedom, forgiveness, and hope for his future in Christ!