A Full-Circle Friendship

barryBy Doug Petersen – LACC President 1978-2000

Doug. I believe in you. If God has called you, He will open the doors. No matter what you do, you can count on our support.

These words were spoken to me by my dear friend Barry Meguiar when God first led Myrna and me to get involved with six schools in El Salvador helping the poorest children. And he has stayed true to his word!

To most people, Barry Meguiar is known as the host of Car Crazy TV. He’s also the face of Meguiars, Inc., one of the largest producers of car care products in the world. For more than 40 years, he’s been, to me, a friend.

When the dream of a ministry to poverty-stricken children in Latin America began to grow in my heart, Barry was there. He asked his marketing people to meet with me, and they developed what would become a signature brochure called “For the Price of an Ice Cream Cone,” encouraging readers to consider sponsorship of a Latin American child.

A new ministry was born. Today, Latin America ChildCare is the largest integrated, faith-based, evangelistic school system in Latin America, providing education, medical care, food, and the “good news” of the Gospel for 100,000 children in 300 schools throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Just a few weeks ago, on LACC’s website for Costa Rica, I saw a thank-you note posted in appreciation for a corporation called the PROLUSA Group, for their substantial gifts to support the children in our schools. The announcement indicated that PROLUSA was the official distributor of Meguiar’s products in that country. I forwarded theannouncement to Barry.

Without knowing Barry’s connection, their partners had been supporting LACC for several years! Barry immediately sent a note highlighting his involvement with LACC since its very beginning. He wrote:

Latin America ChildCare is a wonderful program that provides children a first class education, medical care, and a hot meal…. I so applaud you for your generous support of this ministry that is so near and dear to my heart.

From the first day of Latin America ChildCare’s existence, and at every critical stage since, Barry and Karen have been there, supporting and sponsoring. Wonderful friends with whom we have shared life and ministry — a “full-circle” friendship, for sure!