Double Your Impact – Matching Challenge

doubleMore than 86,000 people live in Promorar and its surrounding suburbs. This area of Teresina, Brazil, is overcrowded and poverty-stricken. Jobs are hard to find. There are simply not enough schools to provide for the growing number of school-aged children. Consider the following:

More than 23,000 children up to age 14 live in this depraved area.
The city’s Department of Education states that there is only one school in the Promorar suburb for children of primary age, and it can only hold 141 students. Nearly 2,000 children have no place to go.

Of the other children in this age group in the Promorar suburb itself, only a small number attend private schools — so the vast majority are not studying at all.
Gang violence, drug use, and prostitution run rampant.
Another school is desperately needed!

Without the gift of salvation and the foundation of a good education, these children, living in abject poverty, have very little to look forward to. But YOU can help make the difference for them, with your gift of love today. How?

LACC is there — building a school!



Our Pro-Citizen Evangelical Center school will provide:

  • Proper classes according to age level
  • Qualified teachers
  • Sizeable classrooms, a library, a reading room, a computer lab, a kitchen, restrooms, and access for the handicapped
  • But most important of all: This may be the single best opportunity these children will ever have to learn that Jesus loves them and died for them!
  • Children at our school will be taught Christian principles, social skills, and study skills to help them break the cycle of poverty … dream big dreams … and see those dreams come true!

Please be a part of this significant project to build a school in Teresina, Brazil!

Friends have provided a $30,000 Hope for Teresina Matching Challenge. It will DOUBLE every dollar donated toward the school’s construction.

Your generous gift will be doubled today to help make it happen and to bless the children of Teresina. Thank you for your compassion!