Hooked On Hope

HangSafe Gives Help to Children in Need

Kevin Schauer saw his son happily playing near the back of the church they attended – unaware that the little boy was perilously close to a coat hook that might catch and scratch his skin, or worse, his eye.

That night, Schauer lay awake, dreaming up an alternative to traditional coat hook.  He devised a lowprofile design with no protruding hook.  “HangSafe” is the company developed to market the invention, and since its 1992 founding, it has become a success.

“HangSafe is more than just manufacturing for us,” Schauer says. “We began looking for ways HangSafe could give financially to organizations taking God’s Word to the world.”

The company discovered Latin America ChildCare and began a unique partnership: Employees and their families choose a child to sponsor, and HangSafe gives to provide the sponsorship.

Right now the company provides for eight children throughout Latin America.

“It’s empowering to know our work is also making a difference in the lives of children in Latin America, giving them the essentials they need to live and succeed,” say David Sirb, HangSafe team member.