A life, a family, transformed

She was young to start school, just four years old.

But Tatiana’s mother was just thrilled there was a safe place for her preschooler to go for a few hours each day. Tatiana’s father was an alcoholic — prone to beating his family in fits of rage. At school, Tatiana could be free of the pain and fear.

Pastor Paty, whose church hosts Escuela Aposento Alto, saw what was happening to this family and reached out in compassion to Tatiana, who soon came to know Christ as Savior.

The church, and Tatiana’s teachers, surrounded her and her brother and mother with love and support — and somehow the changes in the family began to impact the father.

“One day he accepted the Lord in his heart, and my family was baptized,” Tatiana recalls with joy. “Now we are a faithful family in Christ.”

Today, Tatiana, eight years old, has a message for those whose generosity made it possible for her to come to school and experience transformation.

“I would like to thank you for supporting me. May God bless you!”

Tatiana’s story is dramatic proof of the kind of impact you make as a Latin America ChildCare sponsor. What a blessing you are!